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Dec 2011
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December 2011 Branch Meeting
Kathy Larcombe
Dave Roberts & Mick Everton
Barry Fellowes, Dave Clarke, Kevin Coughlin & Anthony McCanny
Gordon Wilcox & Maurice Hudson
Maurice Hudson, Cyril (Tommy) Handley, John Howell, Bill Stebbiing & Frank Howell
Gordon Wilcox, Maurice Hudson & Cyril (Tommy) Handley
Peter Dore' & Bert Jenkins
Betty Jenkins & Kathy Larcombe
Graham Collins, Peter Dore', Bert Jenkins & Ken Holland
The Raffle Prizes
The Raffle Prizes
Tiny Hart & Mick Everton
Dave Clarke
The Raffle Master
Kevin Coughlin, Tiny Hart, Dave Roberts, Mick Everton & Barry Fellowes
Maurice Hudson, Cyril (Tommy) Handley, John Howell, Bill Stebbiing, Frank Howell & Anthony McCanny
The Buffet
The Buffet
Ken Holland & Dave Larcombe
Tiny Is A Winner Again!
Graham Collins Wins!
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